Smaller version of the fluted feed cup precisely meters small seeds.


Provide gentle and even delivery of a wide variety of seed sizes and shapes.


Easy cleanout and six-point meter wheels accurately meter fertiliser.

"00" Series Openers

Equipped with our rugged 00 Series Openers to provide accurate and consistent seed placement. Our 00 Openers have 7″ of stagger to allow residue to easily flow through the unit. Inside the opener, our full length seed tube gently guides the seed all the way to the bottom of the trench while the seed flap ensures the seed stays in place, eliminating the seed “bounce” that is created by competitive drills. The trailing press wheels maintain proper opener depth, close the seed trench, and firm the seed into the soil. T-handles quickly adjust the press wheels and allow for small incremental changes in planting depth.

Range of 90 to 180lbs (41kg to 82kg) of consistent down-pressure on press wheels.



 80012001300F1500 Indent onlyCPH12CPH15 Indent only
Primary DesignEnd Wheel Min-TillMin-Till (No-Till w/CPH or PFH)End Wheel Min-TillMin-Till (No-Till w/CPH or PFH)No-Till Centre Pivot Hitch req. for 1200No-Till Centre Pivot Hitch req. for 1500
Tractor AttachmentDrawbar3 Point LinkageDrawbar3 Point LinkageDrawbarDrawbar
Row Spacing6" (15.24 cm)6" (15.4 cm)6" (15.4 cm)6" (15.4 cm)6" (15.4 cm)6" (15.4 cm)
Number of Rows15 - 6" spacing24 - 6" spacing24 - 6" spacing30 - 6" spacing
Tyre Size7.00-15LT 8-ply9.5Lx157.5 x 20, 4-ply Rib Implement9.5Lx159.5L x 15"9.5L x 15"
Min Engine Horsepower45 hp85+ (63 kw)65+110+ (82kw)
Weight approx. (kg)2,379 lbs* (1,079 kg)2,359-2,959 lbs (1,070-1,342 kg)3,900 - 8,100lbs (1769-3674kg)3,093-3,573 lbs (1,403-1,621 kg)
Working Width8' (2.44m)12' (3.66 m)13' (3.96m)15' (4.57m)12' (3.66 m)15' (4.57m)
Width9'9" (2.97 m)12' 11" (3.94 m)15' 7" (4.74m)15' 11" (4.85m)12' 2"15' 4"
Length (Transport)12' (3.66 m)12' 6" (3.81m)17' 8"17' 8"
Clearance (Transport)9" (22.86 cm)1' 5" (43.2 cm)9" (22.9cm)17" (43.2cm)
Height (Transport)5'4" (1.63 m)Varies by Tractor5' 6" (1.68m) Varies by Tractor8' 11"8' 11"
Opener Series00 Series00 Series00F Series00 Series
Opener Travel8" (20.32 cm)8" (20.32 cm)8" (20.32 cm)8" (20.32 cm)
Opener Depth Range0-3.5" (0-8.89 cm)0-3.5" (0-8.89 cm)0-3.5" (0-8.89 cm)0-3.5" (0-8.89 cm)0 to 6"0 to 6"
Opener Down Pressure90-180 lbs (40.82-81.64 kg)90-180 lbs (40.82-81.64 kg)90-180 lbs (40.82-81.64 kg)90-180 lbs (40.82-81.64 kg)
Coulter5/8" Turbo5/8" Turbo
Coulter Pre Load203kg203kg
Main Box Capacity16 bu. (564L)28.8 bu (1015L)43.2 bu (1522L)36 bu (1269L)
Small Seed Box2 bu. (67L)2.62 bu (92.3L)3.2 bu (112L)3.6 bu (127L)
Fertiliser8 cu./ft. (227L)12 cu/ft (339L)Up to 45% seed box15 cu ft (529L)
Standard Factory Equipment
4 speed gearbox
Electronic acre meter
Walkboard & ladder/step
Safety lighting package w/brake signal function module
Seed cup w/ powdered metal flutes
Lock-out hub
Weather proof lids
V-bottom dividers
Seed box level indicator
Folding tongue
Jack stand
Cylinder kit
Calibration crank
700-15 LT tires
Safety chain
T-handle depth control adjustment
Light Kit
Category II, II & III N hitchCat IICat II
Slotted clevis gauge wheel turnbuckle
Gauge wheel brake
Protected gauge wheel drive chain
Lift assist cylinder on box lid
Seed tubes & flaps
Hex drive shafts
KTA Mandatory Factory options
Press Wheel2x13 Single2x13 Single2x13 Single2x13 Single
2x13 Adjustable Press Wheel Scraper
Box - Seed, Smallseeds & Fertilizer (48)
Box - Smallseeds (93)
Main Box Agitator w/o drive - Dealer Fitment
(57) Single GW Skid Steer Wheels
Reversible Fertiliser Partition (1300F Only)
Hydraulic Bypass Kit use with LS