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Cold Planers CP30 Series

Cold Planers CP30 Series previewCold Planers CP30 Series
The CP30 Series Cold Planers are ideal for road contractors, municipalities, and rental yards for milling asphalt, cutting utility trenches, and pothole/shoulder repairs. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

Model Comparison

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  • 31 cm
  • 41 cm
  • 46 cm
  • 61 cm
  • 76 cm
  • 102 cm
  • 122 cm

Product Features

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Skid Shoes

Independent RH/LH skid shoe control allows unit to follow curb and gutter as well as the contour of the road or street.


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Cutting Width31 cm41 cm46 cm61 cm76 cm102 cm122 cm
Max. Cutting Depth13 cm13 cm15 cm15 cm15 cm15 cm15 cm
Weight612 kg658 kg819 kg894 kg978 kg1111 kg1218 kg
Number of Picks30384050607690
Min. Hydraulic Flow56.8 L/min56.8 L/min91 L/min102 L/min114 L/min114 L/min114 L/min
Max. Hydraulic Flow94.6 L/min94.6 L/min159 L/min159 L/min159 L/min159 L/min159 L/min
Min. Pressure2000 psi2000 psi2000 psi2000 psi2500 psi3000 psi3500 psi
Max. Pressure3500 psi3500 psi5000 psi5000 psi5000 psi5000 psi5000 psi
Max. Tilt15°15°15°13°10°
Sideshift Travel66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm
Wall ClearanceN/AN/A10 cm10 cm10 cm10 cm10 cm

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