The Advantages

RotorFlow spreading system

Fully automatic weighing system with unique reference sensor

Unique GEOSPREAD system with two electric actuators

ISOBUS 11783 compatible for easy plug and play

Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL


When running IsoMatch GEOCONTROL in addition to GEOSPREAD you can set the DSM-ISO GEOSPREAD more accurately. The working width will be automatically adjusted to suit the overlap and coverage using a GPS positioning system. For example, when driving in a wedge or irregular shaped field, GEOSPREAD will start to decrease the working width step by step. GEOSPREAD is using the section control function of the IsoMatch Tellus software which is in the IsoMatch Tellus terminal. The spreader working width is divided into a minimum of 2 metre sections (max. 14 sections on DSM-W GEOSPREAD and max). Not only the spreading width is adjusted, the application rate (kg/min) is also adjusted automatically to match the revised spreading width. This unique combination of working width and application rate adjustment makes the GEOSPREAD system extremely accurate, with minimum influence on the spread pattern coefficient of variation.

Quick and accurate spreading, due to the actuators being directly connected to the discharge point. No linkages.

Stable disc RPM in combination with discharge point adjustment maintains the spreading pattern (coefficient of variation)

Easy operation; no need to step off the tractor to adjust the working width

100% ISOBUS compatible for easy operation

Automatic start/stop with GPS on headlands possible

RotorFlow Spreading System

No impact, no fragmentation, no dust: Central release point, smooth acceleration and centrifugal force accelerates fertiliser up to disc speed before it reaches the vane.

Accurate spreading pattern: A double overlap spreading pattern gives unrivalled accuracy. The 8 vanes per discs are ensuring a continous flow of fertiliser to the field. This is important for high capacity spreading and forward speed.

Minimal wind influence, maximum tolerance: Flat discs and a horizontal flow of fertiliser give a symmetrical spreading pattern.

Consistent spreading pattern: Eight vanes per disc, eight sectors per revolution give an equal distribution. Double overlap spreading pattern.

Guaranteed accuracy on slopes: The fertiliser always contacts the vanes at the same point, also on slopes and travels the complete length of the vane.

FlowPilot: Easy Setting and Adjustment

The compact FlowPilot ‘dashboard’ gives you considerably simplified accurate setting and adjustment of applicaton rates. Two hydraulically operated metering plates, each with three discharge openings ensure an equal fertiliser flow from the hopper to the spreading discs.

The development department of Kubotas spreader R&D team has its own spreader competence centre in order to allow continuous testing throughout the year. All test are carried out according to the strictest international standards and quality requirement.

The key to accurate spreading is matching fertiliser quality and litre weight with the spreading charts as close as possible. The RotaFlow 6 step checklist helps you to ensure consistent accuracy in all field conditions:

  1. Select fertiliser type
  2. Determine granule size and distribution
  3. Determine litre weight
  4. Select spreading table
  5. Select field settings
  6. Adjust FlowPilot system

Border Spreading

Kubota offers the TrimFlow system. The TrimFlow can be accurately set for all types of fertiliser and for all working widths. Operation is easy, no need to leave the tractor seat.

With boundary track spreading the tractor is driving in the first tramline and is spreading to the border. The distance to the border is the half of the working width.

Weighing System

Continuous dynamic “online – calibration” with high frequency communication signal.

Kubotas unique reference sensor technology: all negative influences are automatically corrected and eliminated, ensuring utmost spreading accuracy even on hill sides. The Kubota reference sensor gives you absolute accuracy, because every kilo counts!

Load cells in combination with the unique reference sensor:

  1. Auto calibrating and continuous weighing system
  2. Automatic correction on slopes
  3. Automatic correction of shocks, even on rough terrain
  4. Automatic speed related dosing system
  5. No calibration test needed

Highest accuracy in all conditions: even spreading quality guaranteed! Save costs and increase quality!

ISOBUS Control

ISOBUS intelligence: Standard on Our Weighing Spreaders

You are ensured of the ISOBUS compatibiliy from tractor to the spreader and spreader to tractor, meaning that all data collection from your spreader is centralised and can be easily transferred to your (tractor) terminal in your tractor cabin. Easy plug and play!

IsoMatch Tellus GO:

The IsoMatch Tellus GO is a Universal Terminal. This multifunctional one-screen terminal has been developed for fast and simple control of any ISOBUS implement, giving the farmer a ‘custom made’ experience as it suits all needs for simple and efficent handling of farming machinery and tasks.

IsoMatch Tellus terminal:

The IsoMatch Tellus is the first Universal Terminal with the capability to view and operate 2 different ISOBUS interfaces at once. This allows for example direct control of 2 implements at the same time for continuous observation of a camera view, without switching screen.

  • Large 12,1″ colour touch-screen
  • Intuitive operation
  • Basic DOC registration program to save operational information directly to USB
    Four USB slots for easy data exchange, wireless USB stick or USB to serial cable for additional sensors
  • Build in PDF reader
  • RS232 connection for GPS receivers or sensors
  • Internet connection via a wireless USB stick or router
  • Integrated web browser

Standard and Optional Equipment

Easy to assemble aluminium hopper extensions are available to increase hopper capacity.

An easy to fold in and out hopper cover is as option availble. Simple to fit!

To ensure a consistent flow when spreading low quantities, the RotorFlow system is equipped with a fine application kit. Ideal for spreading low quantities, seeds and slug pellets.

Delta shaped heavy duty grids are standard equipment of the DSM-ISO GEOSPREAD Series

A hopper emptying kit is standard for easy emptying of the last fertiliser granules out of the hopper.

Long life LED lights are standard


With the AutosetApp you have always the most up to date settings for your weighing spreader available. The AutosetApp is an App (software application) available on the IsoMatch Tellus terminal. The AutosetApp is standard integrated into the IsoMatch Tellus GEOCONTROL software. This App connects the IsoMatch Tellus terminal directly with the DSM-W GEOSPREAD weighing spreader and will automatically adjust the spreader according to the settings entered into the App.



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