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The Kubota V1505-T is a vertical, water-cooled, four cycle diesel engine with a capacity of 36.4HP at 3000RPM. Lightweight, dependable and versatile, the Kubota V1505-T is the ideal engine for applications where minimal noise and efficiency is a must.

Product Features

Kubota previewKubota

Improved Engine Performance

Kubota’s E-TVCS technology creates optimum air/fuel mixture, significantly improving engine performance.

Reduced vibration

Noise levels during load and no-load operations are minimal thanks to Kubota’s E-TVCS technology, standard built-in steel strut offset piston and increased rigidity of the crank and gear cases, reducing vibration.

Stable operation

Large capacity, high-speed flyweight governor ensures stable operation at a low revolution speed and high torque rise.

Long Service Life

Renowned for its exceptional reliability and long service life.

Handles Heavy Loads

Crankshaft possesses enough diameter, strength and main bearing area to meet various applications and to handle heavy loads.

Shortened pre-heat time

Super glow system for shortening pre-heat time and quicker engine start-up in cold weather.


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Cooling TypeWater Cooled
Fuel TypeDiesel
Stroke78.4 mm
Displacement1498 cc
Combustion SystemE-TVCS Indirect Injection
Intake SystemTurbo
Starting SystemElectric
Speed TypeVariable

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