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The Kubota V3800 is a vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with a capacity of 68.5HP at 2600RPM. Heavy duty, reliable and exceptionally powerful, the V3800 offers the added benefit of being exceptionally easy to maintain with a long service life.

Product Features

Kubota previewKubota

Higher output power

Kubota’s E-CDIS technology provides higher output power and torque rise, while offering exceptional fuel efficiency. 14% greater in displacement and 10% greater in output and torque rise than V3300.

Reduced emissions

Quieter operation and cleaner exhaust for reduced emissions.

Long Service Life

Renowned for its exceptional reliability and long service life. Single sided access for quick inspection and easy maintenance.


Higher output starter and turbo direction. Fan positions available in two heights to adapt to various equipment configurations to suit customer specifications.


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Cooling TypeWater Cooled
Fuel TypeDiesel
Stroke120 mm
Displacement3769 cc
Combustion SystemDirect Injection
Intake SystemNaturally Aspirated
Starting SystemElectric
Speed TypeVariable

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