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The Kubota Z602 is a vertical, water-cooled, 2-cylinder, 4-cycle IDI diesel engine with a capacity of 10.9HP at 3600RPM. Don’t mistake its compact size, this is one of the most hardworking, efficient and cleanest running diesel engines on the market!

Product Features

Kubota previewKubota

Small & Compact design

World’s smallest, multi-cylinder, high-power density diesel engine.

Improved fuel economy

Kubota’s E-TVCS technology improves power output, fuel economy and engine start-up, while reducing emissions.

Long service life

Great reliability and long service life to meet a wide range of applications.

Reduced noise level

Half-float valve cover and coated pistons reduce noise levels and reduce transmitted vibration from valve area for better noise characteristics.

Shortened pre-heat time

Super glow system for shortened pre-heat time and quicker engine starting in cold weather.


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Cooling TypeWater Cooled
Fuel TypeDiesel
Stroke73.6 mm
Displacement599 cc
Combustion SystemE-TVCS Indirect Injection
Intake SystemNaturally Aspirated
Starting SystemElectric
Speed TypeVariable

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