• Powered by a reliable Kubota 25.2 PTO horsepower.
  • In-line shifting pattern enables easy range shifting from low, medium to high. The shift is also conveniently located on the left side of the operator’s seat for simple operation.
  • Infinite mechanical cruise control lever keeps speed constant and controlled.
  • Sleek and slanted hood provides a greater field of vision. Visibility is also enhanced with new multiple headlamps when in dark and inclement weather conditions. The one-piece front hood can be fully opened for easier access to the engine to make routine inspections and maintenance a breeze.


  • Features a spacious operator platform with a semi-flat design making it easier to get on and off.
  • Contoured seat is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, even after long hours of operation.


  • 4-wheel drive models come equipped with a smooth, easy-turn, integral power steering.
  • An ample 38-litre fuel tank lets you fill up with more fuel so you can operate for longer.
  • Tyres designed for specific jobs offer exceptional versatility. Choose from AG, Industrial, and Turf tyres.

Front End Loader

  • LA524 front loader with curved boom design is specially designed to handle the big jobs, providing improved lifting power and height as well as exceptional durability. With Kubota’s innovative attaching/detaching system, you can attach and detach mounting pins so you can move from job to job with greater efficiency.
  • Single-lever joystick provides easier operation. A regenerative dump circuit allows for fast bucket dumping, and the series circuit provides simultaneous operation of the boom and bucket. The valve stays with the tractor when the loader is detached, so that the valve can be used for other implement operations.
  • This feature allows the operator to raise or lower the loader boom while keeping the bucket level to the ground. This will help prevent spills when carrying soil or sand and will make pallet handling smooth and easy.


  • BH77 performance-matched backhoe delivers more power and greater capacity. Thanks to the full-flat deck, the backhoe delivers optimal legroom for maximum operator comfort.
  • New curved boom offers greater digging capacity as well as easier operation and better visibility.
  • All hoses are tucked away in the backhoe arm for enhanced protection and a streamlined design.



L3200 Specifications

EngineTypeIndirect injection, vertical, water-cooled 4-cycle dieselIndirect injection, vertical, water-cooled 4-cycle diesel
Engine gross power HP (kW)31.9 (23.8)31.9 (23.8)
Engine net power HP (kW)30.4 (22.7)30.4 (22.7)
PTO power HP (kW)26.7 (19.9)25.2 (18.8)
No. of cylinders33
Bore & stroke (mm)83 x 92.483 x 92.4
Total displacement (cm³)14991499
Rated speed (rpm)28002800
Battery12V, RC: 123 min, CCA: 490 A12V, RC: 123 min, CCA: 490 A
Alternator12V, 40A12V, 40A
Fuel tank capacity (L)3838
PTORear PTO typeTransmission driven with overrunningLive-continuous running
PTO/Engine speed540/2430540/2580
HydraulicLift control typePosition controlPosition control
Main pump capacity (L/min)26.626.6
PS pump capacity (L/min)15.015.0
3-point hitchCategory ICategory I
Lift capacity at lift points (kg)906906
Lift capacity 24 in. behind lift points (kg)651651
System pressure kgf/cm² (MPa)160 (15.7)160 (15.7)
Travelling SystemTransmissionGear shift, 8 forward and 4 reverseHydrostatic transmission, 3 range speed
SteeringIntegral type power steeringIntegral type power steering
BrakeWet disc typeWet disc type
ClutchDry type single stageDry type single stage
Tyre sizeAG (Standard) Front7-167-16
AG (Standard) Rear11.2-2411.2-24
Turf (Optional) Front212/80-D15212/80-D15
Turf (Optional) Rear355/80-D15355/80-D15
Industrial (Optional) Front27 x 8.50-1527 x 8.50-15
Industrial (Optional) Rear15-19.5 R415-19.5 R4
Travelling speed with standard AG tyres Forward (km/h)1.8 - 22.00.0 - 23.6
Reverse (km/h)2.4 - 7.90.0 - 21.2
DimensionsOverall length (w/o 3P) mm27002700
Overall width (min. tread) mm14001400
Overall height (w/Foldable ROPS) mm23302330
Wheelbase (mm)16101610
Min. ground clearance (mm)340340
Front tyre tread (mm)10951095
Rear tyre tread (mm)1115 / 1195 / 12901115 / 1195 / 1290
Min. turning radius (w/brake, 4WD disengaged) m2.52.5
Weight (with ROPS) kg11801190
LD3200HD Loader Specifications

Matching TractorL3200 / L3800
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin) mm2394
Clearance with bucket dumped (mm)1795
Reach@maximum height (Dumping Reach) mm589
Maximum Dump Angle (deg.)40
Reach with bucket on ground (mm)1796
Maximum Roll Back Angle (deg.)45
Digging Depth (mm)288
Overall Height in Carrying Position (mm)1427
Lift Capacity (500 mm Forward, Max Height) kg400
Bucket Roll-Back Force (Max Height) N5259
Bucket Roll-Back Force (1500 mm) N7903
Bucket Roll-Back Force (Ground Level) N9084
Raising Time (Rated Flow) sec.3.3
Lowering Time (Rate Flow) sec.2.1
Bucket Dumping Time (Rated Flow) sec.1.4
Bucket Roll-Back Time (Rated Flow) sec.1.7
LD3200HD Back Hoe Specifications

Matching TractorL3200 / L3800
Transport height (mm)2040
Stabilizer spread - transport (mm)1315
Stabilizer spread - operating (mm)1753
Ground clearance (mm)292
Digging Depth 2ft flat bottom (mm)2349
Operating height fully raised (mm)3010
Loading height (mm)1680
Reach from swing pivot (mm)3156
Swing pivot to rear axle centre line (mm)954
Bucket rotation (deg.)180
Angle of departure per SAW J1234 (deg.)17.5
Swing arc (deg.)180
Digging Force using Bucket Cylinder (kgf)1552
Digging Force using Dipperstick Cylinder (kgf)993