• Kubota’s revolutionary new centre direct injection system (E-CDIS) engines offer more durability, power and fuel efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Shuttle transmission is designed to keep you moving and productive with synchronized four speeds of the main shift and a high/low range.
  • 4WD works with Kubota’s mechanical wet disc brake system to offer safe and effortless stoppage automatically.
  • Kubota has engineered these models specifically for those who work in vineyards, orchards or anywhere else that might require a narrow and compact tractor with M-Series power.
  • Kubota’s exclusive Bi-Speed Turn feature rotates the front wheels at a rate of speed nearly twice that of the rear wheels whenever the front wheels exceed a turning angle of about 30 degrees. The result is a smoother, tighter turn, allowing you to turn into an adjacent crop row on your first attempt.



M8540DN Specifications

TypeE-CDIS, Direct InjectionE-CDIS, Direct InjectionE-CDIS, Direct Injection
No. of cylinders444
Engine net power HP (kW)85.585.583.7 (62.4)
PTO power HP (kW)767676.0 (56.6)
Total displacement (cc)376937693769
Engine rpm260026002600
Fuel tank capacity (L)607670
Air cleaner--Dry, dual-element
Alternator (Amp)456060 (80 option)
TransmissionNo. of speedsF15 / R15 (w/ creepF15 / R15 (w/ creep)F12 / R12 (w/ creep)
Main gear shift5 / Fully synchronised5 / Fully synchronised4 / Fully synchronised
Hydraulic shuttleStandardStandardStandard
Max. speed (km/h)33.433.4-
Main clutch typeHydraulic multi-plate wet discHydraulic multi-plate wet discMulti-plate wet disc
Brake typeHydraulic wet discs, 4 wheel brakingHydraulic wet discs, 4 wheel brakingMechanical multi-plate wet discs
Mechanical differential lockRear mechanical standardRear mechanical standardRear mechanical standard
4WD clutch typeElectro-hydraulicElectro-hydraulicElectric-hydraulic
Four wheel braking--Standard
PTOTypeLive-independent PTO, electro-hydraulic clutchLive-independent PTO, electro-hydraulic clutchHydraulic independent PTO with PTO brake, wet disc
Speed (rpm)540/540E540/540E540/540E
HydraulicsPump capacity (3-Point Hitch) (L/min)616161
3-Point HitchRigid lower link endsRigid lower link endsTelescopic stabiliser
3-Point Hitch CategoryI (II link ends)I (II link ends)Cat. I, II (link ends)
3-Point Hitch Control systemPosition, draft (top link sensing) & mix controlPosition, draft (top link sensing) & mix controlPosition, draft (top link sensing) & mixed control
3-Point Hitch Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point (kg)--1800
3-Point Hitch Lift capacity at link end (kg)230023002300
No. of standard remote valves2 standard (3rd & flow control valve optional)2 standard (3rd & flow control valve optional)2 (3rd and flow control valve optional)
Other features4WD drive system--Bevel gear type
Bi-speed turnStandardStandardStandard
SteeringHydrostatic power steeringHydrostatic power steeringHydrostatic power steering
Tilt steeringStandardStandardStandard
Hood typeFull-open, slanted, steelFull-open, slanted, steelOne-Piece full-open, slanted
Pedal type--Hanging
Deck type (ISO-mounted)--Semi-flat
Panel typeElectronicElectronicLED electronic panel w/ LCD readout (mph & PTO speed)
Standard tyre sizeStandard Front280 / 70R18280 / 70R18280 / 70R18
Standard Rear380 / 70R24380 / 70R24-
Rear CrawlerWidth (mm)--300
Lug height (mm)--40
Grounding pressure (psi kg/cm²)--4.12 (0.29)
Rocking angle (degrees)--+10 / -10
Dimensions & weightOverall length (mm)362036203675
Overall height (top of steering) (mm)1460--
Overall height (top of CAB) (mm)-23102340
Overall width (Minimum) (mm)--1370
Wheelbase (mm)205020502153
Crop clearance (Drawbar Bracket) (mm)325325360
Front tread width (mm)115011501045
Rear tread width (mm)106610661070
Turning Radius (w/o brake) (m)
Tractor weight (kg)230524603000