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Toku Mini Hammers

Toku Mini Hammers previewToku Mini Hammers
Toku’s mini hydraulic breaker range features hammers suited to excavators from 0.7 – 6.0 tonne. While they are compact in design, Toku’s TNB Mini series packs a punch with impressive impact rate and force. Suited to a variety of applications including small trenching, road construction and landscaping, the Toku TNB Mini series has the versatility and performance you need when tackling any hammer job.

Model Comparison

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  • 75 kg
  • 100 kg
  • 140 kg
  • 210 kg
  • 255 kg
  • 315 kg

Product Features

Kubota previewKubota

Cushion Chamber

Important impact source since TNB-breakers source its Impact Energy 70% from Nitrogen Gas Pressure of cushion chamber and the rest of 30% from the Operation Oil Circuit.

Accumulator Free Breaker Structure

Allows easy and low cost maintenance.

Dust Preventing Valve

Takes cleaner air from upper area into the impact chamber and blows out the dusty air to bottom. This valve port is also used for Underwater Application to lead the high pressure air from a compressor.

Grease Supply

Direct and Independent Grease Supply to Chisel Bush and Chisel Holder Bush. A chisel is the most consumed item and this system contributes well for the long life of chisel.

Durable Side Bolts

Stress scattered structure and partially rubber coated for anti-vibration.

Short Oil Path

The oil path between control valve and cylinder is taken shortest as less as possible to avoid any secondary trouble.

Long Stroke Piston

Gives more powerful impact energy and brings a stable breaker operation.

Dual Oval Retainer Pins

Robust and guarantees correct tool alignment and long life.

50/50 Piston to Tool Weight Ratio

Efficiently transfers blow energy into the material and reduces recoil.


Working Weight
Working Weight - Top Mount Type75 kg100 kg140 kg210 kg255 kg315 kg
Working Weight - Box Type85 kg125 kg170 kg250 kg340 kg400 kg

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