• Perfectly tensioned chains make for a dependable crop feed to the rear and offer increased service life.
  • With an unloading speed of 34 m/min the TX wagons take less then a minute to fully unload delivering true productivity.
  • The bespoke single frame design with the sloping bed at the front reduces the machines dead weight whilst increasing its capacity.
  • With a massive capacity of 56m³ the TX wagon will suit all your carting needs.


  • Two chain-and-slat floors ensure material is unloaded smoothly and fast. The box section chain slats provide and excellent grip on the material and a positive feed.
  • Extra strong low maintenance 1¼” chain runs in a plastic rail for extreme durability.
  • Articulated drawbar makes for easier filling when following behind the forage harvester. As the wagon’s front end tilts towards the tractor, the filling angle increases for loss-free filling from rear to front.
  • The 1½” thick drive chains drive the chain-and-slat floor unloading huge masses of material in a quick and efficient manner.

Discharge Rollers

  • Equipped with two discharge rollers with a 450mm diameters the teeth grip the crop for faster unloading.
  • The rollers are driven by 1″ chains to deliver full power to the rollers along with spring-loaded chain tensioners for smooth and dependable operation.
  • The main driveshaft has an integral overload clutch that protects the rotors and allows even faster unloading.


  • The mobile ejector wall at the front inclines and pushes the material until it topples, supporting the chain-and-slat floor.
  • Electronic weight system, great for if you want to know field capacities.
  • Optional camera so you can see the filling of the wagon in the cab.



 TX 460 / 460 D
Volume DIN m³46
Length (m)10.03
Width (m)2.9 - 2.960
Overall Height (m)4
Discharge Rollers0 , 2
Tyre Size800 / 45 R26.5
Tandem AxleStandard