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Safety Recalls

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Product Safety Recall Notices

Through internal investigations and quality assurance activities, Kubota continue to review the assembly and reliability of all our products.

This is to confirm that all products meet Kubota’s stringent requirements. From time to time Kubota will issue a service action.

Kubota Australia distributor machines found to require an action, to avoid personal injury or injury to others, will be flagged to have a level 1 service campaign carried out.

These will be inspected and rectified by your certified Kubota dealership.

Please find below a list of machines that Kubota Australia have identified that require a level 1 service campaign:

  1. Z411KW-48-AU (serial nos. 10113 – 10302) – Rops Bolt Torque
  2. Z421KW-54-AU (serial nos. 10079 – 10258) – Rops Bolt Torque
  3. BX24 & BX25 Tractor Loader Backhoe Seat Lock Nut
  4. RTV 400 and RTV 500 Steering shaft
  5. Krone Blade Support 2530423
  6. Kubota BX Tractors, GR Ride-On Mowers and ZD & ZG Zero Turn Mowers – Coolant Cap
  7. Kubota Z100 Throttle Cable Reroute
  8. RTV-XG850 Electric power steering shaft may shear
  9. RTV-X900 (serial nos. 31229 – 42402)
    RTV-X1100 (serial nos. 26899 – 35995)
    RTV-X1120 (serial nos. 18541 – 20746)
  10. Kubota J, KJ, GL, DA, DW and RKA Series Generators
    – Double Pole Switching – Failure to meet local standards

Please contact your authorised Kubota dealer for further information with the exact model and serial number of the unit.

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