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Our Culture

At Kubota we believe that our people are our greatest asset. Each employee contributes directly to our growth and success, and takes great pride in being a member of our team.

We want their experience at Kubota to be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. That’s why we do everything we can to help our employees achieve their career goals and grow and succeed both as employees and as people.

You never stop learning. At Kubota we hire people with a thirst for knowledge and the determination to achieve. Access to a range of training & development opportunities, our online learning centre, study assistance and leadership development are just some of the ways in which we support employee development.

Celebrating Diversity

We value diversity and believe it’s essential to business success.

Surrounding ourselves with people from a variety of different cultural and social backgrounds gives us access to a greater range of perspectives and ideas. This diversity enables us to:

  • Understand our customers better and provide them with superior service
  • Innovate faster and stay ahead of our competitors
  • Foster a productive and fulfilling workplace

How We Support Your Success

While we’re all about hard work and achievement, we also recognise our role in making this a great place to work. Some of our employment benefits include:

  • Training and development opportunities
  • Online learning centre
  • Study assistance
  • Leadership development
  • 21 days annual leave
  • Employee of the month & year awards
  • Employee assistant program
  • Employee alignment & engagement survey
  • Service awards
  • Social club