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Disc Spreader DS Standard Series

Disc Spreader DS Standard Series previewDisc Spreader DS Standard Series
Kubota DS series of basic spreaders come in hopper capacities of 700 to 1875 L, and optional hopper extensions increase this to 1400 and 4575 L, respectively, depending on the weight of materials. Spreading width varies from 9 m in our compact spreaders, to an impressive 54 m, all with even distribution and double overlap. Gentle agitators rotate the fertiliser before it reaches the spreading vanes, and this smoother acceleration prevents granule fragmentation. Kubota also does extensive spread testing analysis to map overlap patterns in 3D, which results in precise width, rate and spread charts that make our DS Series spreaders reliable and accurate.

Model Comparison

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  • 700 L
  • 1100 L
  • 1100 L
  • 1875 L
  • 1875 L

Product Features

All of Kubota’s DS series spreaders are designed around our RotaFlow spreading system, which provides smooth acceleration, minimal impact, and consistent double-overlap horizontal spread, even on slopes or in windy conditions. The DSC, DSM and DSX models indicate our standard spreader range, and these come with excellent standard features and a huge range of extras including electronic control, aluminium hopper extensions, border spreading and LED lights.

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RotaFlow System

RotaFlow is Kubota’s own spreading system, in which the fertiliser granules are already rotating when they reach the spreading vanes. This initial smooth acceleration prevents fragmentation due to minimal impact, which in turn provides an even, accurate pattern. Thanks to this gentle handling, product spreading characteristics are maintained. 


Basic Hopper Capacity700 L1100 L1100 L1875 L1875 L
Max. Hopper Capacity1400 L2000 L2000 L4575 L4575 L
Max. Permissable Weight in Hopper1400 kg2000 kg2000 kg3900 kg3900 kg
Min. Spreading Width9 m10 m10 m12 m12 m
Max. Spreading Width21 m28 m28 m54 m54 m
Max. Flow (Fertiliser Density of 1.55kg/L)286 kg/min419 kg/min419 kg/min356 kg/min356 kg/min
Hopper Width1540 mm2200 mm2200 mm2900 mm2900 mm
Min. Filling Height960 mm1000 mm1000 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Max. Filling Height1280 mm1380 mm1380 mm1960 mm1960 mm
Weight – Empty250 kg330 kg330 kg515 kg515 kg
Spinner DrivePTO w/ClutchPTO w/ClutchPTO w/ClutchPTO w/ClutchPTO w/Clutch
Hopper Sieves
AgitatorYes (Rotates same as disc speed)Yes (Rotates same as disc speed)Yes (Rotates same as disc speed)Yes (Rotates at 15% of disc speed)Yes (Rotates at 15% of disc speed)
Slow Rotating Agitator
Fine Application Kit
LED Road Lighting
Spreading ComputerComfort Control IIComfort Control II
Hopper Shutter Control (Individual Left/Right Control)2 x DA Hydraulic Cylinders2 x DA Hydraulic CylindersElectric Actuators2 x DA Hydraulic CylindersElectric Actuators
Hopper LadderOptionOptionOptionOption

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