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LM331 Surround & Trim Mower previewLM331 Surround & Trim Mower
The LM331 is a high-quality, 3WD Surround and Trim Mower powered by a hydrostatic system. The simple design allows the LM331 to hug all the contours and undulations around the bunkers and surround areas on the golf course while creating a healthy cut and beautiful after cut. The LM331 is equipped with precision-engineered sharp reel cutters, made from Baroness’s own special steel and produced by proven craftsmanship and state of the art manufacturing technology. There are two types of mowing units available: the higher-grade model, “MC unit (Multi-Configuration unit)” and the simpler, lightweight model, “STD unit (Standard unit),” providing options based on your market’s needs. The LM331 can mow beautifully and precisely according to the grass types or turf conditions, helping you create a high-quality turf.

Product Features

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Precision Engineering

A clean consistent cut is maintained from the first hole cut in the beginning of the day to the last hole cut

The sharpness of the reel blade shears the grass cleanly and provides healthy cut grass and a beautiful after cut even when mowing fibrous grass

Frequent grinding is unnecessary due to the extreme hardness of our steel

Easy on-board back lapping setting saves service time


ModelKubota D902-E4B
Power13.3 kW (17.8 hp)
Total Displacement898 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity25 L

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